I am thrilled to share my contribution to Need for Speed™ Unbound. 
In this post, I will be highlighting my work on developing the tires creation pipeline for this title.

In my role as Lead Vehicle Artist, my focus for this task was on setting the quality standards - by personally creating several tires, establishing the technical structure and requirements for the assets, and devising tools to streamline the work of my colleagues and to ensure visual consistency.

Creating the vehicles for Need for Speed™ Unbound was a massive collaborative endeavor that involved the entire team at Criterion, our EA partners and our Outsource vendors.
I extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed to the development of the vehicles, in particular the Vehicle Art Team, Technical Artists, Software Engineers, Art Directors and countless others.
This video showcases the Designer utility I created to allow the Artists to generate normal maps for the sidewall of the tires based on an input mask. The utility lets the Artist modify the design of the patterns on the sidewall procedurally.
An additional Substance Designer utility to quickly generate the blurred version of the tires' textures.

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